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Every time you submit a search request, GlobeHopper.Flights contacts a number of partners – including, but not limited to, service providers, airlines, hotels, travel agencies [collectively referred to as Our Partners] – to provide us with a list of available options;which are sorted and presented for review. You can search, filter and browse the results until you find a suitable option and click on the corresponding record. At that time you are redirected to Our Partner and all your further interactions take place with them, not GlobeHopper.Flights..

Globe Hopper Flight Search does not sell tickets, bookings or any travel product. Our web site only allows you to search for travel products, and you pay directly to our partners on their web sites. Any/all questions or customer service requests must be addressed directly with the travel company where you bought your travel product. We don’t recommend any travel product/service over other travel product/service but rather provide you with the ability to search and browse information that we have been provided.

Running automated search queries on our web site is strictly forbidden, as is any type of scripting or related “hacker” behaviour” designed to impair the performance and operation of the web site.

The use of our rights and marks [GlobeHopper.Flights or GlobeHopper Flight Search], design elements, logos, content, articles, and other Intellectual Property is strictly forbidden. DigitalFish Solutions does NOT grant you a license to use it for any purpose unless you are an accredited journalist or blogger.

All rights and marks are property of their owners and are used purely for informational or reference purpose.


The travel search service is provided to you “as is” without any warranties, including fitness for purpose. It provides generic information that doesn’t take your specific requirements into consideration. All the ticket/booking information we display comes from our partners and we don’t validate it for accuracy, availability, applicability, compatibility with your needs or citizenship / visa status, etc.

We are not responsible for the validity of information outside of our control related to exchange rates, weather, time zones and time difference, travel time, etc. The information published in city guides may not be accurate and you use it at your own risk.

We disclaim any responsibility for any actions performed by you based on the information presented or implied on our web site.

Because we don’t sell anything (see above), we can’t guarantee the availability of tickets or bookings, or that the price given to us my Our Partners will be the same price you will pay.

We don’t guarantee that the price that will be displayed to you will contain ALL the charges and fees, including, but not limited to: airport charge, fuel surcharge, departure tax, checked baggage fee, credit card processing fee, etc.

We don’t guarantee your satisfaction with your flight or booking because the provisioning of service is beyond our control.

Theoretically, our web site may go down or become unresponsive for a short period of time. In the unlikely event of this happening, we are not responsible for any inconvenience you incur.
We may change these terms of usage at any time without advance notice.